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23 January, 2020
How Your Lip Balm May Actually Be Making Your Chapped Lips Worse

The key to beautiful lipstick is keeping one's lips healthy and hydrated underneath. But that's easier said than done in the winter, though, when cold weather and central heating whisks sucks the hydration from our faces. According to Allure Magazine, some lip balms can be a godsend. But others,... Read More

6 January, 2020
Kylie Jenner Has Yellow Hair

It was just a few days ago that Kylie Jenner was reminiscing about the platinum blonde hair she's had on and off in years past, posting photos of it to her Instagram Stories and telling viewers that she's frequently tempted to do it again. (Just watch: Matching your hair color to your bag is totally... Read More

9 December, 2019
Jennifer Lopez: Perfectly Sculpted Baby Hairs

If I were to say, "Wow, Jennifer Lopez's hair looks so good in this photo," you'd probably be like, "Duh, of course." Not only does the iconic triple threat have consistently gorgeous hair and influentially chic, ever-changing styles, she also has stylist Chris Appleton to ensure nothing short... Read More

2 December, 2019
Makeup Artist Bobbi Brown Makeup Lesson MasterClass

Ever since I found out that MasterClass exists, I've been building a wish list from the experts and icons I want to learn from. The platform, if you're not yet familiar, lets you take streaming video "classes" from the people that are, as the name of the service suggests, masters of their crafts,... Read More

25 November, 2019
Sarah Hyland Lands A No B.S. Beauty Partnership

Modern Family actress, Sarah Hyland, has been candid with fans about her battle with kidney dysplasia and her 2016 transplant. She's also been paying close attention to the ingredients in her skin-care products since. On Friday, a clean beauty brand named No B.S. announced that Hyland was joining... Read More

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Is 'Birds Of Prey' A Hit Or A Bomb?
Is 'Birds Of Prey' A Hit Or A Bomb?
18 February, 2020

'Birds of Prey' earned $19.8 million over the holiday weekend. According to Forbes magazine, that brings its domestic total to $62 million in 11 days of domestic release. The film dropped 48% from... More

'Sonic The Hedgehog' Wins The Box Office Weekend
'Sonic The Hedgehog' Wins The Box Office Weekend
18 February, 2020

Paramount's "Sonic the Hedgehog" won the domestic box office over the weekend. The film madean estimated $57 million ($68 million by Monday). That performance was higher than the studio's projected... More

White House Still Fretting About John Bolton's Book
White House Still Fretting About John Bolton's Book
18 February, 2020

John Bolton is due make his first public speech since the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump wrapped up. This, even as his lawyers continue to wrangle with the White House over the contents... More