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What's Behind AOC's Attack On Mayor Pete?
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2 Dec 2019 04:53 AM EST

Business Insider reports that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed Pete Buttigieg. Why? Mayor Pete criticized calls for tuition-free public college as too radical. In an Iowa ad, he said that he wanted to "make college affordable for everybody." He said that tuition-free public college risked "turning off half the country before we even get into office." AOC did not like that. "This is a GOP talking point used to dismantle public systems, & it's sad to see a Dem candidate adopt it." Some political analysts have concluded that AOC's attack has been bought and paid for by Pete's rival, Bernie Sanders. AOC is a staunch supporter of Bernie Sanders. She stands to benefit heavily if he is elected. Sanders said he would reward AOC's loyalty with an important job in his administration.

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