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NY Gov. Cuomo: States, Feds Are Outbidding Each Other On Critical Medical Supplies
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24 Mar 2020 01:10 AM EST

Doctors and nurses around the country have been forced to wear single-use face masks repeatedly because their hospitals and clinics are running out of gear. Monday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned that states are counter-productively bidding up the prices of critical medical equipment and protective gear. The US federal government is also outbidding states on orders of critical medical equipment, even though Trump has repeatedly insisted states get their own supplies. According to Business Insider, the governor also urged President Trump to activate the Defense Production Act. The DPA mandates that private manufacturers produce some essential medical supplies in the face of major shortages. This is not the way to do it, this is ad hoc, I'm competing with other states, I'm bidding up other states on the prices. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo

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