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Jennifer Aniston And Ellen DeGeneres Share A Kiss
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28 Oct 2019 EST Jennifer Aniston may be an Instagram newcomer, but she has proven herself to be a master of social media. Aniston, now holds the Guinness World Record for reaching 1 million followers on the app in just five hours and 16 minutes. On Monday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Anniston shared a quick and comical kiss with DeGeneres. The friendly peck came to be when Anniston asked Ellen when the last time was that she kissed a man. Ellen turned the tables on Anniston and asked her "when was the last time you kissed a girl on the lips?" HuffPost reports Anniston tousled her hair and leaned in for the smooch. Following the kiss, Anniston clarified, "thats the last time I kissed a girl. A snapshot of the kiss has not appeared on Anistons Instagram, but Ellen's posting of the kiss has amassed 1.4 million likes.

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