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Women are tired of explaining to men like Andrew Cuomo why sexual harassment is wrong
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13 Mar 2021 EST Like every woman in the United States at this moment - this month, this year - I'm exhausted. And it's not just that I've been worn down by the demands of life during the pandemic, in which women have been forced to balance multiple stress- and anxiety- inducing roles, including but not limited to public safety enforcer, social distancer-in-chief, ever-productive worker drone, remote learning supervisor, primary child care provider, home office-and-remote-school space designer, vaccine procurer and head chef. Meanwhile, even amidst the lockdown juggle, I'm also emotionally run ragged by the continuing parade of men who are revealed to be sexual harassers, predators, handsy dudes and lechers - plenty of whom are in the public eye.

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Date: 28 May, 2010
Posted by: Dusty Bottoms
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