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8 April, 2017
"The Situation" Hit With More Fraud Charges

"Jersey Shore" star Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino and his brother were hit with additional tax fraud charges on Friday after federal prosecutors say they filed fake tax returns and claimed luxury car and clothing purchases were business expenses. Federal prosecutors said Friday that Michael... Read More

30 November, 2016
Self Care Is Important

Healthcare professional believe that self-care is the most important care. Here are three personal ways staff members at promote their own self-care. Jacqueline Andriakos, an associate editor at, stated, “Making time every day to exercise is my form of self-care…... Read More

24 November, 2016
Ellen DeGeneres Gets Emotional During Obama's Speech

This week President Obama awarded comedian and TV host, Ellen DeGeneres, the Medal of Freedom. DeGeneres tried to hold back tears as she received her medal. She believes in equality and acceptance for all people and wants to have a more fun and loving place in this world. Obama stated, ""It’s... Read More

5 October, 2016
Nobel Prize In Physics Awarded

David Thouless of the University of Washington in Seattle, J. Michael Kosterlitz of Brown University and Duncan Haldane of Princeton University received the 2016 Nobel Prize in physics on Tuesday for their research, which predicted new types of materials and spurred interest in the field of topological... Read More

13 September, 2016
Study Releases New Numbers on Secondhand Smoke

According to a new study, even with decreases in the number of Americans who smoke, four out of ten children are still exposed to secondhand smoke. In their study, researchers report that more than two-thirds of black children, more than one-third of white children and just under one-third... Read More

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How To Make People Like You--Without Having To "Grow On" Them
How To Make People Like You--Without Having To
26 September, 2017

Saying you like someone "just because..." isn't good enough for scientists, so they've studied just what it is that makes a person likeable. According to Business Insider, there are actually a lot of things... More

Media Mogul Murdoch's Son Buys Aspen Pad, A Steal At Just $29m
Media Mogul Murdoch's Son Buys Aspen Pad, A Steal At Just $29m
26 September, 2017

Lachlan Murdoch has reportedly purchased a $29 million estate on 44.6 acres of prime real estate in Aspen, Colorado. Lachlan is the son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch and a leader of the family's... More

North Korean Tensions Reach Wall Street
North Korean Tensions Reach Wall Street
26 September, 2017

A sharp selloff in technology stocks dragged down the Nasdaq by more than 1 percent on Monday, in part due to U.S.-north korean relations. North Korea’s foreign minister said President Donald... More