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15 June, 2020
Why Kenneth Branagh's Not In Any Hurry To Direct Another Marvel Film

Kenneth Branagh's direction of Thor brought the most electrifying Avenger to the big screen. In doing so, he also changed the face of modern blockbusters. According to Gizmodo, Thor provided the connective tissue that allowed the Marvel Cinematic Universe to begin dominating Hollywood. It proved... Read More

11 June, 2020
'Vanderpump Rules' Fires Four Cast Members

Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute will not be returning to the Bravo reality show "Vanderpump Rules". The two were terminated after Faith Stowers said they took racist actions against her. According to CNN, Stowers appeared sporadically in the 2018 season of the reality show. Cast members... Read More

10 June, 2020
Netflix, Hulu, and Peacock Are Bringing Back 1990s TV Shows

Reboots of beloved 1990s TV shows are in the mix for Netflix and Hulu. "Animaniacs" and "Saved by the Bell" are headed to Hulu and NBC Universal's new streaming service "Peacock". "The Baby-Sitters Club," based on the children's book series is coming to Netflix on July 3. Other fan favorites... Read More

2 June, 2020
Ayers Dishes On 'Suicide Squad'

“Suicide Squad” director David Ayer is opening up about his troubled 2016 film. Ayer went on Twitter to discuss the movie. “This trailer nailed the tone and intention of the film I made. Methodical. Layered. Complex, beautiful and sad." According to the Wrap, Ayer says Warner... Read More

29 May, 2020
Chris Evans Almost Turned Down Captain America

Chris Evans rocketed to fame playing the Marvel superhero Captain America. Evans recently reveals he originally did not want to take the role, reports CNN. He states he had been dealing with severe anxiety for several years and questioned his acting pursuit. On Monday, Evans spoke about his mental... Read More

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Study Shows Strict Gun Laws Reduce Gun Deaths
Study Shows Strict Gun Laws Reduce Gun Deaths
16 June, 2020

The CDC said nearly 40,000 Americans die from firearms injuries every year, most of them from suicides and homicides. A study revealed strict laws regulating firearm storage can reduce U.S. gun death... More

Trump to sign police reform executive order on Tuesday
Trump to sign police reform executive order on Tuesday
16 June, 2020

Administration officials said President Donald Trump will sign an executive order on police reform. The order seeks to improve how police officers treat minorities by improving credentialing, training... More

United Airlines To Ban Passengers Who Refuse To Wear Mask
United Airlines To Ban Passengers Who Refuse To Wear Mask
16 June, 2020

United Airlines said passengers who refuse to wear masks on flights can be banned from traveling with them. According to Business Insider, the policy will take effect starting June 18. While other... More