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Film & Television
29 May, 2020
Ruby Rose Releases "Cryptic" Statement

Last week Ruby Rose shocked her fans and quit the show 'Batwoman.' Rose was the titular character. Neither Rose nor producers let on why they were parting ways. HuffPo reports that the decision to leave the show was mutual. One said Rose was “distressed by the long hours demanded of a lead... Read More

20 May, 2020
Mandalorian Boba Fett Might Have Gotten A Lot More Interesting

The Mandalorian’s second season already has enough interesting things going on—babies yoda! sabers dark!—before it started heaping on the prospects of bringing back a few familiar faces...including the seeming, ominous return of Boba Fett. But a new report suggests things... Read More

6 May, 2020
Nic Cage Will Play Joe Exotic In 'Tiger King' Mini-Series

Business Insider repirts that Nicolas Cage is set to star in a scripted series as Joe Exotic. Joe Exotic was the subject of Netflix's recent hit docuseries, "Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness." "American Vandal" producer Dan Lagana will serve as showrunner. It has not landed at a network... Read More

28 April, 2020
'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' Comes To Streaming

Can't wait for the new Star Wars movie to hit streaming? According to Business Insider the wait is almost over. "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" is hitting Disney Plus two months early on May 4th - "Star Wars" Day. Disney has also made "Frozen II" and "Onward" available to stream early. "Artemis... Read More

16 April, 2020
Cannes Film Festival Organizers Evaluating Options Amid Coronavirus

Alternate plans for the Cannes Film Festival are being evaluated amid the global coronavirus pandemic. According to CNN, the festival was originally planned for May 12-23. In March, organizers postponed the annual festival, saying they hoped to hold it in June or July. A statement on the Cannes... Read More

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Latest News
U.S. Could See 200,000 Coronavirus Deaths By September
U.S. Could See 200,000 Coronavirus Deaths By September
12 June, 2020

Health experts say the United States could potentially see 200,000 deaths due to the coronavirus by September. According to Reuters, U.S. coronavirus cases surpassed 2 million on Wednesday as states... More

NASCAR Bans Confederate Flags From All Racing Events
NASCAR Bans Confederate Flags From All Racing Events
12 June, 2020

NASCAR announced on Wednesday that they are banning the Confederate flag from all racing events. The decision comes amid nationwide and international protests over the May 25th killing of George... More

Uber And Lyft Drivers Are Now Supported By Employee Laws
Uber And Lyft Drivers Are Now Supported By Employee Laws
12 June, 2020

California's Public Utilities Commission made an order Tuesday regarding Uber and Lyft drivers. All drivers are "presumed to be employees" under AB-5, the state's new gig work law. The agency said... More

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