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8 June, 2017
Hawaii Joins Paris Climate Accord

Hawaii has become the first U.S. state to enact legislation to bring its environmental standards in line with the Paris climate accord, officials said on Wednesday, less than a week after President Donald Trump announced that the United States would withdraw from the global agreement.Hawaii... Read More

24 May, 2017
British Royal Family Speaks Out after Manchester Bombing of Ariana Grande Concert

Prince William released a statement on behalf of himself, wife Kate Middleton and brother Prince Harry after the fatal bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, on Monday night that left 22 dead. During a garden party at Buckinham Palace on Tuesday, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince... Read More

3 May, 2017
Trump Nominee For China Ambassador Makes Firm Promises

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump's nominee for ambassador to China has promised to take a "firm line" with Beijing on various important issues. Some of the issues included from North Korea to trade disputes and human rights. Iowa Governor Terry Branstad said he would use his decades of experience... Read More

11 April, 2017
Stephen Amell Cofirms Big Arrow News

Throughout season 5, Arrow the show and Green Arrow the character have had a singular focus. While there have been a few one-off adventures, most of the story has revolved around the threat of Prometheus and how it connects to Oliver’s past. Fans have seen new heroes and villains emerge,... Read More

22 March, 2017
US Military Launches Investigation Of Strike On Mosque In Syria

CNN reports that The US military has begun a formal investigation into its Thursday airstrike in northern Syria after locals reported that a mosque was struck and more than 40 people killed, two US defense officials told CNN. The Pentagon has for days rejected the notion that a mosque was hit and that... Read More

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Elon Musk Trolls Mercedes Forr Cheaping Out On Electric SUV Plant
Elon Musk Trolls Mercedes Forr Cheaping Out On Electric SUV Plant
26 September, 2017

News broke last Thursday that Daimler, Mercedes' parent company, was investing $1 billion in its Alabama plant to start building an electric SUV in 2020.Many outlets said the check was an obvious... More

How To Make People Like You--Without Having To "Grow On" Them
How To Make People Like You--Without Having To
26 September, 2017

Saying you like someone "just because..." isn't good enough for scientists, so they've studied just what it is that makes a person likeable. According to Business Insider, there are actually a lot of things... More

Media Mogul Murdoch's Son Buys Aspen Pad, A Steal At Just $29m
Media Mogul Murdoch's Son Buys Aspen Pad, A Steal At Just $29m
26 September, 2017

Lachlan Murdoch has reportedly purchased a $29 million estate on 44.6 acres of prime real estate in Aspen, Colorado. Lachlan is the son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch and a leader of the family's... More