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17 January, 2020
Rain And Hail Pelt Burning Australian States

Severe thunderstorms are drenching some regions of Australia suffering from wildfires. According to CNN, the powerful storms are pelting the area with heavy rain and large hail. The storms could bring some much-needed relief to the firefighters battling some of the blazes. Local forecasters,... Read More

17 January, 2020
Bodies Of All 11 Ukrainians In Iran Plane Crash To Be Returned Home

Last week, Iran accidentally shot down a Ukrainian passenger plane, killing all on board. Now, Reuters reports the bodies of all 11 Ukrainians who died in the crash in Iran have been identified. Ukraine's interior ministry said Thursday the bodies will be transported back to Ukraine on Jan.... Read More

16 January, 2020
The best country in the world to raise a child? It's not America, survey finds

What's the best country in the world to raise a child? Not the United States. Qualities like safety, gender equality, green living, family friendly laws, and human rights are low wanked for the states. The US came in at number 18 for best country to raise a child, barely cracking the top 20. CNN reports... Read More

9 January, 2020
US Confirms Military Strikes From Iran Against Trump Administration

The Department of Defense said the Iranian military retaliated against the Trump administration. The attack came after Trump assassinated Quds Force commander Major General Qassem Soleimani. According to Gizmodo, Iran launched “more than a dozen ballistic missiles against U.S. and coalition... Read More

8 January, 2020
Iraq Wants US Troops To Leave Their Country

Iraq’s parliament called for U.S. and other foreign troops to leave their country. This comes after the U.S. killed a top Iranian general and President Donald Trump threatens Iran. According to Reuters, Trump threatened to target Iranian cultural sites Tehran retaliates against the U.S.... Read More

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"Dolittle" Is A Disaster
18 January, 2020

Robert Downey Jr. stars as Dr. Dolittle in "Dolittle." The movie is out. According to the Washington Post, it's being called the first worst film of 2020. "It is anti-cinema … a calamity... More

What Is The Sanders/Warren Feud Really About?
What Is The Sanders/Warren Feud Really About?
18 January, 2020

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are in the middle of a bitter feud. The media says the feud is about Bernie Sanders and sexist remarks he made to Warren. It was seen as a response to talking... More

Democrats Disappointed By Biden's Survival
Democrats Disappointed By Biden's Survival
18 January, 2020

Joe Biden has disappointed his detractors. They expected him to implode and tank his chances for the Democratic nomination. But, he hasn't. He's polling in first place in most polls. According... More