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26 April, 2017
Caitlyn Jenner's New Memoir Spills Some Juicy Secrets

Caitlyn Jenner's long awaited book 'The Secrets of My Life' has finally arrived.It spills so much, in fact, that it's become a bit of a sore subject with Kris on KUWTK.It seems the Kardashian crew were left out of Caitlyn's special with Diane Sawyer on purpose.That's because any time people... Read More

23 March, 2017
Ashley Olsen Wears Her Socks Fashionably

Socks are fashion’s most underrated accessories—a fact that’s fairly understandable: They’re more functional than fashionable (the whole point of their existence is to swathe your feet—how unsexy is that?); they’re oftentimes ugly or boring; and we’re... Read More

2 March, 2017
Kylie Jenner Shares Weed-Smoking Selfie?

Does Kylie Jenner actually smoke weed? That’s the question on people’s minds when the 19-year-old shared photos of herself puffing on what many are suspecting to be a joint. Taken by Sasha Samsonova and posted on the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s Instagram account... Read More

18 January, 2017
TV Series About Selena Quintanilla's Life Could Happen

Disney Media Distribution Latin America, BTF Media, and Moconoco y Latin WE have announced that they are producing a TV series based on a best-selling book about singer Selena Quintanilla. The show is based on the María Celeste Arrarás book, called "El Secreto de Selena." The author,... Read More

12 January, 2017
Demi Lovato's Trip To Kenya

Demi Lovato is on a trip to Kenya, and took to social media to share some pictures from her time abroad. Most recently, she shared a mirror selfie on her instagram story, while rocking a colorful two-piece swimsuit. She also shared photos with baby elephants and her friends. Lovato has previously... Read More

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Coral Springs Police Upset with Sheriff's Deputy for School Shooting
Coral Springs Police Upset with Sheriff's Deputy for School Shooting
24 February, 2018

Sources from the Coral Springs Police indicate they are upset with a Broward County Sheriff's deputy for not engaging a gunman on a high school campus.According to reports, Deputy Scot Peterson... More

New Chairman Coming to Election Assistance Commission
New Chairman Coming to Election Assistance Commission
24 February, 2018

The head of a federal commission to protect electronic election systems is being replaced at the request of House Speaker Paul Ryan and the White House. According to reports, Matthew Masterson... More

Nikki Haley Talks About Trump's Twitter Habits
Nikki Haley Talks About Trump's Twitter Habits
24 February, 2018

Nikki Haley, US ambassador to the United Nations, talked about President Trump's tweeting habits. Haley said the tweets made her job "interesting." She also said on some occasions they take her by surprise.... More