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Music & Literature
19 May, 2020
Dropkick Murphys And Bruce Springsteen To Perform Free Concert From Fenway Park

Bostonians will be treated to a socially distant summer kick-off concert at Fenway Park. According to CNN, Dropkick Murphys will perform for the Streaming Outta Fenway live event on Friday, May 29. The performance will be free and the band will be joined remotely by Bruce Springsteen. Springsteen... Read More

19 May, 2020
Taylor Swift Treated Fans To Her 'City of Lover Concert' On ABC

Taylor Swift treated her fans to an eight-song performance Sunday night on ABC. According to CNN, Swift performed songs from her "City of Lover Concert". The singer/songwriter danced, sang, played piano and guitar in a mostly acoustic set. Swift included fan favorites songs "Me!", "Death By a Thousand... Read More

9 April, 2020
Opera Singer Andrea Bocelli To Perform In Italy On Easter

YouTube and opera singer, Andrea Bocelli, want to spread hope on Easter Sunday. According to CNN, Bocelli will be performing pro-bono at the the historic Duomo Cathedral in Milan, Italy. Like most churches globally, the sanctuary will be empty due to the coronavirus lockdown. But the "Bocelli:... Read More

23 March, 2020
Country Music Icon Kenny Rogers Passes Away At 81

Country music legend Kenny Rogers has died at the age of 81. According to CNN, Rogers died Friday night from natural causes under the care of hospice and surrounded by family. Rogers' publicist said Kenny Rogers' songs 'endeared music lovers and touched the lives of millions around the world.'... Read More

11 February, 2020
Eminem's Performance At The Oscars Was Top Secret

Eminem gave a surprise performance at the 2020 Oscars, surprising and confusing many. According to Business Insider, the rapper performed “Lose Yourself” from the 2002 film “8 Mile.” The performance was reportedly so secret that nobody knew about it. Any list of show... Read More

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Latest News
U.S. Could See 200,000 Coronavirus Deaths By September
U.S. Could See 200,000 Coronavirus Deaths By September
12 June, 2020

Health experts say the United States could potentially see 200,000 deaths due to the coronavirus by September. According to Reuters, U.S. coronavirus cases surpassed 2 million on Wednesday as states... More

NASCAR Bans Confederate Flags From All Racing Events
NASCAR Bans Confederate Flags From All Racing Events
12 June, 2020

NASCAR announced on Wednesday that they are banning the Confederate flag from all racing events. The decision comes amid nationwide and international protests over the May 25th killing of George... More

Uber And Lyft Drivers Are Now Supported By Employee Laws
Uber And Lyft Drivers Are Now Supported By Employee Laws
12 June, 2020

California's Public Utilities Commission made an order Tuesday regarding Uber and Lyft drivers. All drivers are "presumed to be employees" under AB-5, the state's new gig work law. The agency said... More

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