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Demi Lovato's Trip To Kenya
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12 Jan 2017 02:17 AM EST

Demi Lovato is on a trip to Kenya, and took to social media to share some pictures from her time abroad. Most recently, she shared a mirror selfie on her instagram story, while rocking a colorful two-piece swimsuit. She also shared photos with baby elephants and her friends. Lovato has previously travelled to Kenya. She is an ambassador with the Me to We organization. The group helps provides socially responsible products and services. They also donate half their proceeds to WE Charity. Previously, Lovato spent her 21st birthday in Kenya while on a trip with Me to We.

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Date: 16 March, 2017
Posted by: Veanna
Comment: Thales:Que pena, um mês sem o poa3cstRd0; Mas na volta será muito melhor! Muito obrigado pelo tempo de vocês durante todas essas semanas!