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TV Series About Selena Quintanilla's Life Could Happen
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18 Jan 2017 04:21 AM EST

Disney Media Distribution Latin America, BTF Media, and Moconoco y Latin WE have announced that they are producing a TV series based on a best-selling book about singer Selena Quintanilla. The show is based on the María Celeste Arrarás book, called "El Secreto de Selena." The author, who is also an Emmy award-winning journalist, said the book and the series is the real, controversial story of Selena. She said it also has all of the ingredients of a telenovela: lies, love, betrayal, suspense and a lot more.

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Date: 16 March, 2017
Posted by: Alyn
Comment: Lieber Hüttenwirt Mathias Reidel !Da wir schon einige Hüttenwirte im LL- Center Herrenwies erlebt haben und wissentlich schon länger in dieser Region leben als Sie erübrigt sich die Diskussion um die Schneesicherheit in Hennrrwies.Ansoesten schließen wir uns der Aussage von Martin vom 28.Oktober an.