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Ashley Olsen Wears Her Socks Fashionably
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23 Mar 2017 06:31 AM EST

Socks are fashion’s most underrated accessories—a fact that’s fairly understandable: They’re more functional than fashionable (the whole point of their existence is to swathe your feet—how unsexy is that?); they’re oftentimes ugly or boring; and we’re constantly losing one-half of the set (damn you, Laundromat). But after a decade of deliberately hiding socks from plain sight with ankle styles or no-show footies, they have returned to the public spotlight. And we have The Row's Ashley Olsen to thank for that. Because we all know that if one or both of the Olsen twins have endorsed something, that something is bound to be a trend (they single-handedly—double-handedly?—launched the normcore movement several years back, after all).
Spotted on the streets of New York City, the eldest Olsen sister was snapped in an enveloping olive green robe coat to which she styled with two bags (a classic Olsen move), a pair of clean white sneakers, and what looks to be shin-high pink socks that she bunched around her ankles. It’s not the most groundbreaking look, but the way it’s so casually presented makes it so nonchalantly cool (and dorky even), so effortless, so Olsen-like in every way.But of course, the fashion set has toyed with socks for awhile now. First, there was the controversial sock-and-sandal pairing that was presented on the runways (see: Burberry spring 2010 and Hermès fall 2014), and then it was eventually embraced by today’s most influential street style stars, who were partial to glittery versions with their platform sandals or fishnet socks with their strappy mules. Also, the rise in both logo-mania and streetwear has made socks irresistible to some, namely Gucci’s web stripe tube socks and the Vetements x Reebok sock collaboration.

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Comment: August 6, 2006 at 02:06As usual i’m wiser than the wise man-“The best birthdays of all are those that haven’t arrived yet.”cheers mate! keep up. Sorry, but its still 5th Augugt here so &#;ci68te2hn1cally’ i’m not late!! Reply