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Caitlyn Jenner's New Memoir Spills Some Juicy Secrets
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26 Apr 2017 06:53 AM EST

Caitlyn Jenner's long awaited book 'The Secrets of My Life' has finally arrived.It spills so much, in fact, that it's become a bit of a sore subject with Kris on KUWTK. It seems the Kardashian crew were left out of Caitlyn's special with Diane Sawyer on purpose. That's because any time people see a Kardashian onscreen, they think it's part of a money-making venture. Also, Caitlyn's own family were embarassed by then Bruce Jenner's performance on KUWTK. But so was Caitlyn. She says, 'I come across in the reality show as a well-meaning but slightly doddering patriarch who has no life of his own.'
Which, Caitlyn adds, was 'a totally true depiction.'

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