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Hurricane Katia Expected To Hit Mexico Within 12 Hours
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9 Sep 2017 04:57 AM EST

Hurricane Katia, the sixth hurricane of the 2017 season, is expected to make landfall in Mexico early Saturday morning. The National Hurricane Center has issued a hurricane warning for coastal areas of Mexico between Cabo Rojo and Laguna Verde.Along those parts of the coast, Katia's storm surge — the quick rise in water caused by a hurricane's strong winds — could raise water levels as much as 8 feet above normal tides. Katia is a much smaller storm than Hurricane Irma, which is causing devastation in the Caribbean and is expected to arrive in Florida this weekend. Katia is expected to drop 10 to 15 inches of rain over parts of Veracruz, eastern Hidalgo, and Puebla, Mexico. In isolated areas, total accumulated rainfall could be as high as 25 inches. The National Hurricane Center is warning that "this rainfall will likely cause life-threatening flash floods and mudslides, especially in areas of mountainous terrain." The 2017 hurricane season was projected to be unusually active, and that has certainly been the case so far. Three hurricanes are in the Atlantic simultaneously: Katia, Jose, and Irma.

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