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Surviving A Big Storm Doesn't Mean The Trauma Is Over
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13 Sep 2017 02:44 AM EST

Hurricane Harvey and Irma may be gone, but they have left catastrophic destruction in its path. Thousands of people are still left displaced from their homes, and may not even have a home to go home to. many places such as Places of worship, community centers, parks and schools remain underwater or are missing roofs or windows. This is a traumatic experience, especially for the young children effected by the storm. Victims of the storm not only are at risk for disease, but they are also at risk for mental health issues. There have been help hotlines set up for victims to have a support system and someone to talk too, but that may not even be enough. Victims of the storm are encouraged to seek out for help, as things may seem okay now, but the worst is yet to come as everyone bands together to rebuild.

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