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Polanski Victim Speaks Out Against Tarantino
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8 Feb 2018 04:16 AM EST

In a new interview, Samantha Geimer said that Quentin Tarantino was incorrect to suggest years ago that she welcomed being raped by Roman Polanski at the age of 13 in 1977.
Geimer is now 54. She told the New York Daily News on Wednesday, “He was wrong. I bet he knows it. I hope he doesn’t make an ass of himself and keep talking that way. I’m not upset, but I would probably feel better if he realizes now that he was wrong, after 15 years, after hearing the facts. "
84 year old Polanski was arrested in Los Angeles in March 1977 after sexually assaulting Geimer. She later testified in court that he gave her champagne and a quaalude before performing oral, vaginal and anal sex despite her refusals.

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