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Kellyanne Conway Defends Trump's Decision to Block Release of Democratic Memo
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12 Feb 2018 05:19 AM EST

Kellyanne Conway defended President Donald Trump's refusal on Friday to release a Democratic rebuttal to the controversial memo on the Russia investigation, authored by House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes, despite Trump's decision to release Nunes' memo last week. Conway said that the Democratic memo includes classified information that needs to be redacted. "The Democratic memo is much longer," she said. "It’s much more involved. And those who are in a position to know national security and lawyers have said that it contains sources and methods that could be very compromising. So they want to make sure that that is cured before it is released to the public." The week before, Trump authorized the release of the the Nunes memo that details alleged misconduct on the part of the FBI and Justice Department in the Russia investigation. The FBI had released a rare public statement urging against its release, cautioning that it could reveal intelligence methods. The Democratic rebuttal memo pushes back against the Nunes memo's claims.

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