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These Cooking Mistakes Make Your Food Unhealthy
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9 May 2018 03:01 AM EST

Generally, cooking your meals instead of eating out is the healthier choice to make. However, there are small cooking mistakes that you might be making that are counterproductive to that choice. Here are some of those mistakes to be aware of, and how you can avoid them. One mistake is to use all "low-fat" labeled ingredients. Nutrition experts have determined that there are plenty of healthy fats your body can benefit from. Healthy fats can actually give you energy, protect your organs, and allow for absorption of vitamins. You might also be overcooking your vegetables, which can lower nutrient levels anywhere from 15 to 55%. Another common mistake is peeling all of your fruits and vegetables. Much of the nutritional value is found in the peel or skin. And last but not least, avoid putting too much salt in your food. Instead, use spices for extra flavor.

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