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Kim K. Gets Real Regarding Kanye Controversy
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11 May 2018 05:10 AM EST

Kim Kardashian got real about husband Kanye West’s recent controversial moments, revealing how his actions have negatively affected her. “I will say, he gave me my first gray hair this week. I am blaming that on him.” Kim Nonetheless, West, 40, is in good spirits after causing quite a commotion. “He’s doing really good. He’s in Wyoming recording. He has a couple albums coming out, so he’s just focused on that.” Despite the KKW Beauty founder’s positive mindset, sources say she was not happy... that her husband decided to discuss politics, slavery, drugs and more on TMZ Live. “Kim was really upset that Kanye chose to have a very serious discussion in a place like that. And just because she wasn’t given a heads up beforehand. If he had said them in a different, more planned out way, it would be a different story, even positive. Kim is trying to be a supportive wife … but it is hard.” Insider Kanye posted several Twitter rants that sparked outrage among his 28 million followers. In one message, West called President Donald Trump “his brother”.

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