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Why John Cena Changed His Mind About Having Kids
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5 Jun 2018 03:08 AM EST

John Cena recently opened up about realizing he wants to have kids in an interview with TMZ.

I would love to be a dad. I realize very much that I have been steadfast in saying that I don’t want children. But I’m a little bit older now, a bit wiser. At age 18, we say things different at age 25, at 35. John Cena

Us Weekly broke the news in April that Cena had split from Nikki Bella after six years together,

partially due to the fact that he didn’t want to have children but in May, Cena declared on the Today show...

that he wanted to “be the father of her children” –a revelation that Bella said she was “speechless” by.

The pair are now back together, Us Weekly exclusively revealed on Thursday, May 31.

“Nikki called off the wedding so she could have more time to make a decision with what she wanted in life. It was the right decision at the moment and their relationship only grew from it. It didn’t mean that any love was lost, or that they lost any feelings for one another, but they both have realized that they love each other and want to be with one another.”

When asked if he and Bella had been speaking, Cena said they are “best friends” and talk “all the time.”

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