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Are Justin Trudeau's Eyebrows Fake? People on Social Media Think So
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12 Jun 2018 03:23 AM EST

Allure recently reported on A mystery that arose surrounding Justin Trudeau’s eyebrow. On Sunday, someone on Twitter grabbed a clip from Trudeau’s press conference with French president Macron. In the video, Trudeau’s left eyebrow appears to be slowly slipping down his face. Many wondered, was the Canadian prime minister wearing an eyebrow wig? Did Trudeau wear fake eyebrows? Or why he didn’t seem to have a strong enough adhesive. Thankfully dedicated reporters took up the cause. BuzzFeed News reporter Ishmael Daro grabbed a clip of Trudeau at the same conference. It appears Trudeau fell victim to some bad lighting. The lighting caused a shadow making it seem like he was wearing a falsie.


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