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How To Do The Keto Diet On A Budget
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27 Jun 2018 01:18 AM EST

If you've committed to doing the keto diet, experts say that to maximize your nutrition it's best to prioritize quality over quantity. But stocking up on keto friendly items like steak and salmon can get pricey. Business Insider has tips for doing the keto diet on a budget. Tips include: 1. Shop Local: In addition to meat, some farmers will sell you lard and tallow for cooking. 2. Buy in bulk: Partner with others to do a cow share or invest in go in together on a big freezer for food storage. 3. Stock quality yet inexpensive protein like eggs. Business Insider adds, "Making hard-boiled eggs to eat in the morning or throw in salad is a great way to get your protein for less money." 4. Buy Seasonal Vegetables: They are cheaper because "you're buying food that's at the peak of its supply and it costs less for farmers and distribution companies."


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Date: 4 July, 2018
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Comment: You really saved my skin with this inoaimotrfn. Thanks!