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European Wildfires Setting Off Leftover WWII Munitions
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3 Aug 2018 02:32 AM EST

According to Business Insider, record heats are stoking European wildfires.
And there is danger the fires could sett off leftover bombs from World War II.
Deadly forest fires have swept across Greece, with blazes burning in Germany and elsewhere.
A forest fire southwest of Berlin was complicated by unexploded ammunition still buried there.
The pine forest in question was near Fichtenwalde, about 22 miles from the German capital.
There were signs that some explosives had already gone off because of the fire.
The heatwave has driven Elbe River's water so low that WWII weapons have started to emerge.
At the city of Magdeburg, the water level is a few centimeters above historic lows from 1934.
In Saxony-Anhalt, police warned people to avoid grenades, mines, or other weapons.
The record heat looks unlikely to relent any time soon.