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Shake Shack Opts For 'Hybrid' Food Ordering
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9 Aug 2018 07:04 AM EST

Despite customer backlash, Shake Shack plans to move forward with its digital self-service ordering kiosks at more of national locations. But the burgers restaurant plans to add some tweaks, based on the feedback that they received. Business Insider reports that in October 2017, Shake Shack opened its first cashierless location in New York City. A Yelp user slammed the new business model, saying that it only took credit cards. They wrote, " can barely customize your food the way you can when you order with an actual human being. The kiosks are also supposed to make things go quicker, but the wait is even longer than at a Shake Shack where you can order with an actual person." Shake Shack now plans to test automated kiosks in conjunction with real-life cashiers. BI says that they now have five locations with the hybrid model and plan to test more in cities with "high labor costs," including San Francisco and Seattle.

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