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Former Coach Tony Dungy Discusses NFL Holdouts
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10 Aug 2018 07:03 AM EST

According to Business Insider, Tony Dungy knows why NFL players hold out for bigger contracts. And it isn't just for obvious reasons, like to make more money. Several high profile players are holding out of training camp and preseason for new contracts. Among them, Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas and Los Angeles Rams' Aaron Donald. Former NFL coach and analyst Tony Dungy cites the physical nature of the sport. This means that getting paid while you're still healthy is all the more imperative. "In the NFL, the short careers, you want to take advantage of it when you can... You gotta strike the balance between, 'Hey I signed the contract, and now I've played maybe better than everyone thought. How do you come about this fairly?' But I think a lot of guys do realize that it is a short career. I played three years, and that's kind of average." Tony Dungy Football poses a greater risk than other sports for career-ending injuries. By playing out a "bad" deal, players risk injuries preventing them from bigger money down the line. This means players want to maximize earnings while they can. Teams, on the other hand, try to manage finances, staying below what the market dictates.

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