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'A Quiet Place' Stars Give Details On Possible Storyline For Sequel
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3 Nov 2018 06:03 AM EST

Earlier this year, John Krasinski's hit horror film 'A Quiet Place' dominated box offices. reported that Krasinski and his co-star and wife Emily Blunt sat down to discuss the possibility of 'A Quiet Place 2.' Blunt said, "In some ways, the idea of seeing who these people were before this all happened would be interesting, but I’m not quite sure." Krasinski, who wrote, directed and starred in the first film, said that what's unique about 'A Quiet Place' is that it's "a world you can play in" and not "just a character to remake." He went on to say, "It’s not like Alien or Jaws where the main villain is the thing you’re repeating." Could he be hinting at an entirely new threat for the Abbott family? The sequel to A Quiet Place is scheduled to premiere in theaters on May 15, 2020.

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