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Emily Blunt's Original Mary Poppins
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20 Dec 2018 04:45 AM EST

Although the role of Mary Poppins was made popular by Julie Andrews in 1964, the new Mary Poppins that stars in the remake, Emily Blunt, tells CNN that moviegoers should not expect her version of Poppins to resemble the original. She shares, "I remembered how incredible the original one was as a child. But I decided while prepping this not to watch it and try not to get embroiled in it too much, because I think my feeling was if I'm going to play Mary Poppins, I have to take a really big swing and do my own version of her." CNN reports that Blunt found her inspiration from the books. Blunt says, "I dove into the books and she is very different in the books. She's very eccentric and sort of funny and rude and yet terribly profound and rather unknowable. I loved that about her. "

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