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Kelly Clarkson Gets Tips From Ellen For Her Talk Show
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6 Feb 2019 04:38 AM EST

As Kelly Clarkson prepares to launch her own talk show later this year, she’s looking sagely to Ellen DeGeneres for inspiration. The Grammy-winning songstress dropped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Tuesday, where she chatted about the challenges of launching her forthcoming daytime gig, “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” “We did the pilot, and I was oddly comfortable,” Clarkson said. “I kinda figured out, if I led with music, then it made me more comfortable. So each show, we lead with music.” As far as the interview segments are concerned, however, Clarkson admitted she needed a little practice when it came to listening to her guests. “I do need to learn, and I have literally been watching ... all of your episodes and Oprah [Winfrey’s] and everyone’s, because I’m like, ‘How do I listen?’ I was not good at listening,” she said. “I just don’t shut up.” “I think I’m going to be really good at all the other things ― just not that one,” she continued. “But I like a challenge.”

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