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Trump Derides 'Fake' Hearing But Says Cohen Truthful On 'No Collusion'
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1 Mar 2019 01:16 AM EST

President Donald Trump criticized his former attorney Michael Cohen on Thursday for lying in testimony to Congress. However, the president also found reason to praise him, too, for not alleging Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia in 2016. Trump called the blockbuster hearing fake and said it should not have been scheduled during his trip to Vietnam, Business Insider reports. “He lied a lot, but it was very interesting because he didn’t lie about one thing, he said no collusion with the Russian hoax,” Trump said. “I wonder why he didn’t lie about that too like he did about everything else. I was actually impressed that he didn’t say, ‘well, I think there was collusion for this reason or that’. He didn’t say that.”

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