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Predators Targeting Children On Instagram On The Rise
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2 Mar 2019 01:57 AM EST

Business Insider reports that Instagram is the new hunting ground for child groomers. The NSPCC defines child grooming as "When an adult becomes friends with a child, this is sometimes done for a reason. The reason is to lower the inhibitions of the child and to prepare for sexual abuse." The NSPCC, a UK charity, found that the use of Instagram has tripled for child groomers. They report that "22% of all 1,944 grooming offenses recorded by British police forces over a six-month period last year took place on Instagram." Police also said that online platforms were used by groomers in 1,317 cases and that girls aged 12 to 15 were often targeted. An Instagram spokesperson said, "We use advanced technology and work closely with the police and CEOP to aggressively fight this type of content and protect young people." NSPCC chief executive Peter Wanless added, "We cannot wait for the next tragedy before tech companies are made to act."

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