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Chad Michael Murray Opens Up About His Mysterious Riverdale Character
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29 Mar 2019 08:15 AM EST

Chad Michael Murray recently teased more details about his mysterious 'Riverdale' character. According to website in a new interview with Cosmopolitan magazine the actor spoke about his grand entrance in last week's episode, "Big Fun", where he wordlessly stood up and clapped following Riverdale High's production of Heathers: The Musical. The moment, which ended with other white-clad Farm members applauding as well, ended up being absolutely creepy, something that Murray was excited to take part in. "I've always wanted to do that particular clap." Murray explained with a laugh. "That was my first day at work, and it was like, 'Oh hi, here's everybody! Everybody, here's Chad. Okay, go.' So it was definitely a lot all at once to take. It's an interesting entrance for a character that we've been waiting so long to finally meet."

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