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Kim Kardashian West Files Suit Against Fast Fashion Brand "Misguided"
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10 May 2019 05:54 AM EST

Business Insider reports that Kim Kardashian West has revealed in recent court filings how much it costs to do business with the reality star. In February, Kardashian West and her corporation, Kimsaprincess Inc., filed a lawsuit against the "fast-fashion" brand "Missguided" accusing the company of "unlawful misappropriation" of Kardashian West's image and persona. Missguided is known for creating inexpensive replicas of celebrities' outfits. The company posted pics of Kardashian West on it's social media and website of Kim in a golden outfit next to a newly designed, extremely similar golden outfit for sale on Missguided's website. Kardashian West argues in the court filing that Missguided's unauthorized use of her trademarked name and likeness is illegal and that the entrepreneur would typically receive hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single Instagram post.