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Historical Facts About Frida Kahlo On Her 112th Birthday
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9 Jul 2019 02:24 AM EST

Saturday, July 6, marks Frida Kahlo's 112th birthday. In honor of her special day, CNN compiled a list of facts about the late, famed Mexican artist. Their list of historical tidbits about Frida include: 1. Her painting career started after a life-threatening accident. Kahlo has a series of debilitating health issues, but they didn't come in the way of her making great art. After battling polio as a child, when she was a teen Friday was in a bus/trolley accident. She had to wear a plaster corset for her entire life. CNN explains, "Kahlo took up painting with watercolors to pass the time. In fact, her mother had a special easel made so that she could paint while laying on her back." 2. She rejected the surrealist label Known for her self portraits, Kahlo also painted still life and "strange and dark scenes." She was inspired by her rocky marriage to Diego Rivera, miscarriages, and medical procedures. Her paintings also incorporated themes of female empowerment. according to the Museum of Modern Art, Frida said, "They thought I was a Surrealist but I wasn't. I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality." 3. Her fashion choices were used to make a political statement Kahlo blended Western fashion with traditional indigenous clothing to make a political statement about cultural identity, nationalism and feminism.

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