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Beto Had One Of The Strangest Moments From The 2020 Campaign
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20 Jul 2019 12:29 AM EST

Rep. Beto O'Rourke launched his presidential bid in March to much media fanfare. Business Insider reports that O'Rourke it didn't take long to fly too close to the sun and tumble. Just a few hours into his nascent campaign, he joked that his wife raised their three children mostly on her own. O'Rourke said he "sometimes" helps with raising his children. His remarks were widely criticized as insensitive and nonchalant. O'Rourke apologized a few days later and said he'd be more thoughtful talking about his marriage in the future. Business Insider said O'Rourke's comment is one of the strangest moments of the 2020 campaign.

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