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Funny Tweets From Women This Week
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31 Aug 2019 12:44 AM EST

The HuffPost Women weekly Twitter round up never disappoints. They compile the funniest tweets of the week, sent by women. This week's hilarious musings include: 1. @pant_leg writes, "girls all go to the bathroom together so we can hold hands and cry about climate change in private." 2. @Kristen_Arnett adds "it's the weekend and you know what that means! time to absolutely dread leaving the house for social obligations you already agreed to attend." 3. @geekylonglegs tweeted "i just want the same quality of life celebrities provide for their pets." 4. @aparnapkin tweeted "facebook now feels like linkedin for aunts." 5. @ashleyn1cole wrote, "I like it when a character gets a big new purse and that’s how you know the actress is pregnant."

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