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Kylie Jenner In Playboy With Travis Scott
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14 Sep 2019 06:02 AM EST

Kylie Jenner says she never imagined that she'd pose for Playboy, but Travis Scott proposed a photoshoot. Scott would be "behind the cover and creative direction and be in control of the images." Kylie Jenner was then interviewed by her boyfriend for Playboy's newest cover story. The couple agreed that their sex life hasn't suffered after their first child together last year. The young couple began dating in April 2017 and got pregnant shortly after, says Business Insider. "...Motherhood and sexuality can coexist ... just because you embrace your sexuality doesn't mean you have loose morals or you're not a good mother." Jenner Kylie was photographed for the cover of the "Pleasure Issue," with creative direction by Travis as well.

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