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Best Cheese To Buy From Trader Joe's
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30 Sep 2019 03:17 AM EST

Looking to step up your cheese game?
According to Business Insider, Trader Joe's shelves are stocked with almost entirely name-brand products at affordable prices, compared to other top grocery stores.
They spoke with 'Cheese Expert' Liz Thorpe who shared her 7 top favorite cheeses at Trader Joe's. They include:
1. Mini Basque: A firm, buttery sheep's milk cheese made in the French Pyrenees.
Thorpe adds, "It would be hard to find this in your local supermarket, and if you did it would probably be $25 per pound. At [Trader Joe's] it's usually between $12 and $14 per pound."
2. Trader Joe's Authentic Greek Feta: Also made from sheep's milk—packed in brine.
3. Triple Crème Délice de Bourgogne: Very smooth.
4. Unexpected Cheddar: Has a "sweet-and-salty, nutty bite" and has been ranked a Trader Joe's shopper favorite for the past five years.