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The People Have Spoken: This Burger Chain Has The Best American Burgers
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28 Oct 2019 08:22 AM EST

The humble hamburger is a quintessential American culinary icon. The question of which chain makes the best burger is a subject of endless debate. Business Insider concocted an exotic algorithm to calculate major American burger chains' 'deliciousness index.' After surveying thousands of burger consumers and crunching the numbers, the results are in! Carl's, Jr. came in at number five, with a deliciousness index of 24%. Culver's was number four, at 37%. Whataburger took the number three spot, with a 69% deliciousness index. Five Guys' burger nearly won, with an appetizing 96% deliciousness index. But In-N-Out took home the tasty crown, with an outstanding score of 101%