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Out Of Work For Years? Here is How To Jump Back Into The Workforce
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4 Nov 2019 07:07 AM EST

Its not always easy to get back to work after a break of five years or more, but it is possible. According to Business Insider, one way to get your feet wet again is to freelance via the gig economy. Do you have a nursing background? Take a class or two to get up to date, and get to work! The same goes for those with legal and education chops. Do what it takes to reactivate your license. If you're handy, market your services as a handyman. Use platforms like TaskRabbit to build a customer base. Got a car? Drive for Lyft or Uber! Up your license and start driving busses for your city or school district. And if you've got the right personality for it, there are literally millions of sales jobs on offer!