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Never Mind: House Withdraws Subpoena For Trump Official
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7 Nov 2019 04:38 AM EST

The House of Representatives says it no longer needs to subpoena Charles Kupperman for his testimony. According to CNN, Kupperman is President Donald Trump's former deputy national security adviser. It's another sign that Democrats don't want or feel they need a prolonged battle to gather more details in their impeachment probe. The House instead suggested Kupperman should abide by what is decided in a separate case that is further along. Namely, its lawsuit against Don McGahn to force the former White House counsel to testify. The subpoena at issue in this matter has been withdrawn and there is no current intention to reissue it. US House of Representatives Kupperman is using the same defense lawyer as former national security adviser John Bolton. Kupperman was on the line during Trump's July call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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