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Zendaya's Favorite Beauty Must-Haves
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25 Nov 2019 02:05 AM EST

Allure recently talked all things beauty with singer/actress Zendaya. Some of the highlights from their interview include a list of her favorite things, that include: 1. Her favorite beauty shortcut? Coloring her hair at home Zendaya told Allure, "I use this stuff called Overtone. It’s a color-depositing conditioner, and it’s so easy — boom! I mix the red and the orange, put it in there, rinse it, and then it’ll wash out within a month." 2. Her current beauty obsession? Her nails She admits, "I do my own gel polish: I wasn’t ever satisfied completely when someone else did it... I bought the lamp and all the supplies I needed and never looked back." 3. Her current obsession in general? Zendaya adds "Interior decor. I feel like I could be an interior designer. It would be my dream to design a hotel." 4. Her beauty bag must have? Mascara. She explains, "Mascara kind of brings everything together."

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