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Mon Dieu! Famed French Chef Sues Michelin Guide Over Loss Of Star
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28 Nov 2019 04:07 AM EST

French restaurateur Marc Veyrat was crushed when his restaurant lost its Michelin three-star status. However, CNN reports the famous chef has decided to fight back, and is taking legal action over it. Chef Veyrat claims the demotion left his staff 'in tears,' and was due to a mix-up over cheese. He wants the court to force the guide to hand over documents to explain the reasons behind his downgrade. He the first chef to have sued the Michelin Guide, which is regarded as the Bible of haute cuisine. Veryat's lawyer dubbed the proceedings 'Cheddargate,' as the Michelin inspector had claimed a soufflé used English cheese. The lawyer defended the chef's soufflé for 10 minutes, saying it was made of French Alpine cheeses Reblochon and Beaufort.