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How Trump May Be Handing A Big Win To Iran And Russia When No One's Looking
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28 Nov 2019 04:46 AM EST

Most media coverage of President Donald Trump is focusing on the impeachment proceedings against him. But according to Business Insider, less attention has been granted to a different Trump administration activity. Namely, its ongoing hold on $105 million in congressionally-approved military aid to Lebanon. And it's offered no explanation as to why. Lebanon faces an escalating economic and political crisis, with mass protests occurring nationwide. US lawmakers and experts are warning the aid freeze plays right into Iran and Russia's hands. The aid freeze could make it hard for the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) to sustain operations amid mass protests. That could benefit the Iran-backed Hezbollah militant group. Meanwhile, Russia could exploit the situation by swooping in as the LAF's new backer while the US pulls away.