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How Assailant, Victims Of London Bridge Stabbing Were All Connected
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2 Dec 2019 04:14 AM EST

The two victims and the attacker in the terrorist attack on London Bridge were all connected. They all had ties to an education-based prison rehabilitation project out of Cambridge University. The Learning Together program aims to reduce re-offenses by prisoners by building a more inclusive learning community. According to Business Insider, the attack broke out at a fifth-anniversary event for the group. The stabbing attack was launched by former prisoner and program participant 28-year-old Usman Khan. The victims' and the attacker's ties to the group were noticeable in reports following the attack. Former prisoner Marc Conway was part of the heroic effort that confronted and disarmed Khan. The organization's placement at the center of the tragedy hasn't gone unnoticed. Lawmakers and advocates are speaking out on potentially addressing change in Britain's prison rehabilitation system.

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