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Snappy Comebacks For When You're Mocked For Sticking To Your Diet Over The Holidays
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11 Dec 2019 12:24 AM EST

The holidays are a time for celebration and feasting, often with fatty and sugary seasonal foods. But what if you really want to maintain your disciplined and healthy diet? According to HuffPost, it’s really no one else’s business what you’re eating at a party and why. But unfortunately, that doesn’t stop people from commenting as you’re chowing down on 'rabbit food.' First, respond, rather than react, to such comments. Was the person genuinely concerned, or just being snide? Next, be honest. If you don't like a food, say so. If a food doesn't agree with you, say so. But don’t feel like you have to justify your choices. It’s fine to offer a firm but polite 'No, thank you,' or 'I’m not in the mood for that.' You don’t owe anyone an explanation. If you get upset, brush it off. Take a quick break, or quickly change the subject. At the same time, don't take on the role of food police and judge what other people are eating.

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