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How Can You Get Your Resting Heart Rate Down?
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11 Feb 2020 12:52 AM EST

If your resting heart rate is near or above 100 beats per minute, think about trying to get that rate down. A normal adult resting heart rate is between 60 to 100 bpm. But if you're toward the top end of this range, or above it, you'll want to lower it. According to Business Insider, sometimes a rapid resting heart rate is due to physical problems. In that case, the best ways to lower your heart rate include exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, and quitting smoking. Studies have shown that a lower overall workload for your heart is a good thing for heart health long-term. Dr. Kristen Dean, MD Doctors on Demand But perhaps it's due to stress, anxiety, or other emotional distress. If that's the case, consider trying yoga, meditation, or simply going for a walk outside.