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The Three Ways Experts Say The Coronavirus Could Play Out
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14 Feb 2020 12:24 AM EST

The coronavirus outbreak that originated in Wuhan, China, has killed at least 1,370 people. According to Business Insider, the virus has also infected more than 60,000 and has spread to 26 countries. The coronavirus outbreak is now what one expert calls "a mild pandemic." So, how is it likely to play out? For all intents and purposes, we're in the beginnings of a mild pandemic right now. Amesh Adalja, Infectious-Disease Expert Johns Hopkins' Center for Health Security It may become a permanent part of the ecology of cold viruses that circulate among humans. Or, it might or might not become seasonal, like the flu. Or, it could become more like SARS. SARS was limited thanks to quarantines and public health information campaigns. A third option is that pharmaceutical companies develop a vaccine. But that takes time.

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